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building an information security program

While companies want to focus on their core business strengths,  increasing cyber attacks in the past decade require businesses to handle information with special care and diligence. SecureMonde will help you build an information security program, working with you to identify risks and prioritize them. We offer a variety of services that would cater to the needs of every business:

  • Network Security

  • Application Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Access Controls

  • Bug Bounty Programs

  • Responsible Disclosure

  • Vulnerability Management


With private and business life becoming more and more digitized there is a growing concern about keeping information private.These days, regulatory bodies across the globe are defining and mandating standards for organizations to follow. The need to comply to these standards in a continually changing global landscape of privacy and security requires businesses to change the way they handle their customer's inforation.  Adhering to PCI, PII, HIPPA and GDPR regulations are a must when conducting business in the US and EU, with other regions quickly following through with tough regulations of their own. Securemonde can help you navigate the complicated world of cprivacy and compliance regulations, providing recommendations that will help you meet regulations in any geography you are conducting business with. 

recruitment and

Finding the right  security professionals for your business requires a deep understaing of unique skill sets that conventional recruitment firms are normally unffamiliar with. SecureMonde will help you define the job requirements, create job descriptions, connect, filter and identify the best candidates with  right skill sets that fit your organization's needs. 

vendor management

The Solar Winds breach in 2020 opened up everyone's eyes to the perils of supply chain management. This wasn't the first breach that used that channel but the pervasive nature of this software and its tainted versions had national agencies on the run to assess and fix damages. All organizations should have a program that ensurins diligence towards the 3rd party supply chain management. SecureMonde will help you build a vendor security management program ensuring your supply chain is safe and secure.

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